Infrastructure Services

GOE has huge facilities for execution of mechanical related projects with high end work stations, servers and efficient backup systems.

We offer clients who plan to execute any mechanical projects at Hyderabad an option to do so without extra investments on infrastructure. We have for you a delight and convenience of simple hourly basis payments for facilities including legal software, hardware and man power. We are so well equipped to provide complete IT infrastructure solutions which include separate Cubicles, Work Stations, Servers, State-of-the-art Communication facilities, Network IPs and switch lines at our premises alongside experienced and trained work force whom you just need to guide thru the domain and customized requirements, if any.

Key Features:

Data Storage:

  • Maximize storage utilization across heterogeneous platforms and arrays.

  • Increase operational efficiency with storage manager that offers end-to-end visibility and centralized control.

  • Reduce the costs of multiple point tools with integrated storage management software.

  • Safe and secure Servers and practicing PC security

Data Backup:

We have flexible back up plans. The capacity backup offering has a minimum set of active processors that can be used for any work load and a large number of inactive processors that can be activated using on/off CoD in the event of disaster. We follow Automatic incremental daily data back up and weekly automatic differential data back up.

Key Facilities:


Ranging from Dell AWT 1650 entry level workstations to Dell AWT 7600 high end work stations.


Quad Core Xeon to 12 Core Xeon per machine.


Starts with a minimum 16GB expandable to 256GB.


Quadro NVDIA 1GB to 2.5GB.


ranges from 22 inch professional Dell TFT to 24 inch Dell professional TFT.


We have multiple licenses of leadingMechanical / Analytical Software with latest versions. We maintain only legal licenses under AMC.


Separate high end servers for Internet, Data, Back up, FTP like DELL R720 / R710.