Despite an upsurge in demand for air travel, the Aerospace industry is facing its one of the most challenging times. Customer is demanding a slay in terms of value and technology is playing an increasingly crucial role in addressing these objectives.

GOE services include design, development and manufacturing needs and these activities are broadly classified under Product Engineering Services (PES) and Manufacturing Engineering Services (MES) . These Services spreads across different technological subsystems and design systems.

Technological Sub systems Competencies:

  • Airframe structures

  • Aircraft Interiors

  • Aircraft Seating Systems

  • Aerospace Assembly Systems

  • Aerospace Fixtures

  • Aerospace Tool Design


  • Mechanical

  • Hydraulic

  • Pneumatic

  • Thermal


  • Wing

  • Fuselage

  • Empennage



Product Design & Development

Concept Design

  • Geometry Definition.

  • Space Allocation.

  • Interference Kinematics.

  • Material Selection.

  • Solution Diagram.

Detailed Design

  • System Integration.

  • DMU.

  • 3D Modelling & Detailing.

  • 2D Detailing.

Technical Publication

  • Documentation For Certification.

  • Illustrated Parts Catalogue.

  • Maintenance / Repair Manual.

FE Analysis & Virtual Validation

Preliminary Sizing

  • Preliminary Loading- Aerodynamics

  • SF And BM

  • Hand Calculations And Stress Analysis

  • Interface Joints

  • Sizing Report

  • Weight And C.G

  • Structural Grid

  • Assembly Meshing

  • Load Built Up

  • Load Evaluation

F&DT; Analysis

  • Fatigue Life Estimation

  • Crack Growth And Propagation

  • Damage Tolerance

  • Airworthiness Certification

Detail Stress Analysis

  • Fatigue Life Estimation

  • Crack Growth And Propagation

  • Damage Tolerance

  • Airworthiness Certification

Manufacturing Design & Development

Part Manufacturing Designs

  • Press Tool Design

  • Injection Moulding

  • Die Castings

  • Machining Jigs & Fixtures

  • Checking & Inspection Fixtures & Gauges

Automotive Assembly System Designs

  • Chassis Welding Fixtures

  • Framing Fixtures

  • Hemming Fixtures

  • Closures Assemby Fixtures

  • Trims Assembly Fixtures

  • Assembly / Sub-Assembly Fixtures

  • End Of Arm Toolong (Grippers)

  • Work Cell Equipments Design

  • Assembly Line Equipments

  • Conveyors & Pallets

  • Material Handling Systems

  • Bolting & Rivetting Stations

  • Tables & Material Buffers

Process & Manufacturing Support

Process Engineering

  • Pre-Engineering Analysis

  • Process Sequencing

  • Ergonomics & Reachability

  • Layout Planning

Virtual Manufacturing

  • Clash Analysis

  • Accessibility Study

  • Kinematics

  • Reachability Study

  • Robotic Simulation

  • Ergo Analysis

  • Cycle Time Optimization & Validation

  • Offline Programming

  • NC Path Generation

Sourcing & Supplier Integration

Production Support

Onsite Installation Support

Engineering Change Management

Technology Expertise

Product Engineering CAD / PDM / PLM

Manufacturing Engineering CAD / PDM / PLM

Virtual Validation CAE / CFD

Catia V5, UG-NX, Pro-Engineer, Solid works, AutoCAD, ENOVIA, Team Centre, Windchill

CATIA V5, Siemens UG NX, FIDES, Pro/Engineer, Solidworks, Solid Edge, Auto CAD Inventor, Process Simulate, ROBCAD, Process Designer, Process Simulate, Factory CAD, various data validation applications


Hyper Mesh, Patran


ANSYS, NASTRAN,Abaqus, Radioss, Optistruct, PAM CRASH, Hyper Study, Hyper form, Hyper Extrude, Fluent, ACCUSOLVE, LS Dyna

Post Processors

Hyper View, LS-Post, ABAQUS-Post